Hi, I am

Ishrat Jahan Ananya

An aspiring data scientist exploring the fields of AI and Computational Art.

About me

My strengths lie in conceptualizing ideas for a project, managing and delivering them seamlessly. I love playing with data and manipulating it to achieve interesting and often visually attractive and yet useful information. In my opinion , the key to success is organization, perseverance and proper time management. I make sure I include these criteria in my work ethics so I can deliver outstanding performance. Over the years of learning in my undergrad I grew passionate about technology and how it plays a significant role in creative destruction and improving the lives of the people. To take part in a role that brings about revolutionary change fills me with excitement and Im nothing short of thrilled!

I like fiddling with data to discover the many ways it can be manipulated. Here I document various projects I've explored so far. You can also check out my articles at Medium or email at ajishrat97@gmail.com



Fingerprint Alteration Classification using CNN

Classification of Urban Acoustic Scenes with CNN Architectures


Deep Learning


Data Analytics

Machine Learning




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